Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Paper Stash: Envelope Crafter Review


Well today I've got something a little different, I was asked to give this product a go and write a review for you! I may make this a regular thing if it's something you enjoy reading - here goes...

My Paper Stash Envelope Crafter

I make a lot of cards from A4 sheets that I fold in half, then trim down to 5.5” square, 13.2cm square, etc (I very rarely actually buy card blanks with matching envelopes) and then struggle when sending cards. Of course, most are samples and never get sent but if I were to send them, I’d probably be quite lazy… I’d buy a C5 envelope, fold it & cellotape it to fit.

I’ve tried envelope tools before and ended up with small tabs to attempt to glue together, not-quite-level flaps to fold in and then ultimately… my card won’t fit! I didn’t have that problem at all with the Envelope Crafter – on my first attempt, I got my strangest dimensions (it was a 3” x 6” rectangular card that I had to hand), grabbed an A3 sheet of paper (to be on the safe side!) and followed the instructions… guess what? It worked! First time!

The fab thing about this tool is that the instructions are printed on it – now, I’m the type of person that can grasp something pretty quickly but as soon as I’ve slept on it, I need the instructions to remind me until I’m using it every day – and that’s exactly what I’ve got. And I don’t mean just on the packet (because we all know that goes straight in the bin out of excitement – or atleast all of mine do), it’s printed onto the plastic itself and won’t scratch off.

Also, what if I wanted to take it to a workshop with me? I’ve got the smallest amount of room in my bag which is already jammed full of the necessities… but this is flat, folds together to save room… and will fit on top (or down the side!) of my bag. Plus it’s a durable plastic, which means it won’t lose shape if I manage to get it into an awkward spot.

I feel like I’m going to be making envelopes for every card I can find now, just because I can! If you’re like me and have been a lazy envelope maker in the past, this is definitely for you! It’s easy to use, easy to store and durable – all you need is a pencil and a bone folder (probably not even the latter – a straight edge to fold the creases works fine!) and you’re set!

You can pick up the envelope crafter for just £24.99 from Crafting or from Create & Craft (click the shop for a direct link).

Hope this is helpful!

Hayley xx


  1. Hayley, the envelope crafter is a fab piece of kit in which you can fit into your already full bag and as you say has the instructions on it. I have tried my friends one and could use it with ease. I myself would love one. It is on my long list of need lol and the pennies haven't stretched that far yet Dx

  2. Where can I get one of these in the states? I have the envelope punch we r memory keepers but would love to try this out???

  3. I need to make an 8.5" envelope, how do I find out what size paper I need please?