Sunday, 22 August 2010


Made with the cupcakes on the In a Row CD.

The cupcake strip does come out and is used to be written on.
Velcro is used to make the easel stand up.

Hope you like these,

Sonobe Ornaments

This was made with the sonobe fold of origami. It's the most frustrating, unreliable yet beautiful ornament I've ever made. I am overly proud of this, especially after successfully making 3 different sized ornaments. Let me know if you'd like a tutorial.

The mushroom papers have been used (Off of the In a Row CD). I have to say the striped paper (BG24) is my favourite and I can't stop using it. The mushrooms dangling from the bottom are printed on shrink plastic as little charms. I love this ornament & the charms and I hope you like it!
Lots of love,

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A paper frame? COOL!

Made this last night so I thought I'd post it! Using the Records sheets on the 'In a Row' CD. Let me know if you'd like it as a project!

Also, working on a vintage CD. Does that sound a good idea? I love how it's turning out but I don't know if it would be to everyone's taste... Let me know if you think it'd be good and you'd use it!
Lots of love,

Monday, 16 August 2010

Latest addition! :)
This was made with the Male section of the 'In a Row' CD. The records in the lid of the box are bookmarks, obviously for putting down the side of the note pad. Perfect gift for a man who can't remember what he needs from the supermarket or for the side of the phone for notes! :)

This was made saturday night but I didn't post it yesterday as I had a family meal! I do love my family, they really are amazing. I thought I'd post a couple of pictures to show you how I was worn out, haha!

The sensible part of the family sat in the shade or (the men!) inside watching football. Me and Joel (my cousin - through marriage) ended up occupying little miss Faye. haha! It's all fun though. I had such a lovely day in the sun with them two!
Faye didn't know who's birthday we were celebrating though, bless her!
Happy Birthday for last Tuesday Mum! :)

Lots of love,

Friday, 13 August 2010

PROJECT: Make a Wish Box

What you will need:

‘In a Row’ Dandelion Backing Sheet ‘BG7’ Printed on BOTH sides of card
‘In a Row’ Dandelion Backing Sheet ‘BG6’ Printed on paper
‘In a Row’ Dandelion Topper Sheet
Two 5” long pieces of Ribbon
The Extras:


1) Cut a piece from the purple card that measures: 6.5 x 3 inches.

2) Score the piece at 3” and 3.5”. This will create your hinge.

3) Cut 2 2.5” squares from the teal coloured paper. Stick one on the outside of the book.

4) Cut out whichever size dandelion you would like to use and stick on top.

5) Take the ‘Make a Wish’ strip from the Extras put on this page  and  stick across lid, wherever you desire. You can then embellish it if you want to.

6) Cut a 3.5 inch square from the remaining purple card, this is going to make your box that fits inside.

7) Score a 0.5” lip all the way around the square and fold.

8) Cut diagonally into each corner to make the tabs to stick together your box.

9) Fold the tabs in and glue together. You will probably have to wait for it to dry.

10) Place your ribbon (I’ve used the Dreamees bargain ribbon (sold at shows) so it matches perfectly!) on each half of the book, and tape.

11) Take your other teal coloured square and stick over the ribbon. (On the back of the front cover!) This will conceal it and will allow the box to still look tidy.

12) Take your instructions (from the extras sheet) and stick onto the teal sheet. You can then embellish this part of the box, as you did with the front.

13) Stick your box onto the remaining part of the book and embellish if you want to.

14) You’re finished!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Make a Wish Box

'Make a Wish' Box made with the 'In a Row' CD by Dreamees. All colours are on the CD (Printed on card to make the box) with all images taken from the CD.
I made the 'instructions' in a graphics program just like you may use one of your choice.
The instructions read:
1) Think about the wish you want to make
2) Whisper it into the box
3) Close the box
4) Think long and hard about your wish
5) Your wish will come true

This will be a project in the coming weeks and I'll supply you with the instructions I've used for if you want to use them when making this box.

Purchase the CD from Sunday the 15th of August at

Wednesday, 11 August 2010