Thursday, 22 December 2011

And here's our latest addition!

Yesterday was the day that Dreamees became an official Stamp Manufacturer!

We're in the process of creating personalised products for our customers along with other fancy ideas we can offer you!

In the New Year we'll have plenty of our stamps back in stock (eg. Christmas Tree which we've been waiting until now for!) and lots of new designs which have already made it to print and just need making into a proof stamp!

Yesterday was SUCH a good day because we also announced a new two-day show on the 18th & 19th of February next year (9:30am - 3pm each day) at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester! We hope to see you there!

It's super busy here and all that's left for me to say now is:

Have a wonderful Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year!

Take care,


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I just HAD to share this!

It's not craft related but we're both so amazed by it!

It's a youtube artist that has been making music for a while now and she has a great voice and writes great songs but the best bit is this music video she's had done!

It's made out of jelly beans and it really is worth the watch!

Hope you enjoy!


Monday, 12 December 2011

Brand New Digistamps!

Grab  yourself our beautiful girl digistamps now! Here's a card made with them and a sneak peak at some of the designs!

Take care,

Saturday, 10 December 2011

A few beautiful cards!

Just to keep you posted as to whats happening at Dreamees HQ:

 Made with 'House of Birds' stamp, Forever Florals Double CD Papers and embellishments from Cuttables Vol. 2!

 Made with 'Owl be there' stamp, Forever Florals Double CD Papers and embellishments from Cuttables Vol. 2!

 Made with 'Branch' stamp, Forever Florals Double CD Papers and embellishments from Cuttables Vol. 2!

 Made with 'Christmas Tree' stamp, Forever Florals Double CD Papers and embellishments from Cuttables Vol. 2!

  Made with 'Rosie Puppy' stamp, Forever Florals Double CD Papers and embellishments from Cuttables Vol. 2!

Take care,


Friday, 9 December 2011

Cuttables Vol. 2!

Today we released volume 2 of our best seller: Cuttables! Here are a couple of cards made with it!

And, the following card we are going to enter into the Joanna Sheen - Challenge #1! (We thought we'd try our hand at our first Challenge - how exciting!)

Hope you like the cards and more to follow (when the people receiving them have seen them first!)

See you soon,

Hayley x

Friday, 18 November 2011

Some Brand new templates!

Yesterday we released some templates on the website! That includes a suitcase box and a fancy 3-fold card! Check them out via the website button to the right-side of the page!

I know I've not been keeping this up to date but I do have some photos to share with you!

This card was made with our 'House of Birds' stamp! I posted a picture on my last post where it made a stunning everyday card and here you can dress it up for Christmas! See the product here!

 This beauty was made with our CD rom 'Feeling Pretty' - it's on sale at the moment for just £5 and has over 700 printable sheets! Each design comes in 16 different colours, along with a batch of bonus embellishments and backing papers! It's a great buy for all your crafting needs! (Retiring CD, on sale while stocks last!). See the product here!


These 3 cards were made with our brand-new CD 'Rain or Shine!' - it retails at just £9.99 for over 700 printable sheets! It's a very floral, on-trend CD with lots of basic papers along with contrasting extravagent beauties! A must-have for all your birthdays, thank-you's, just-to-say's and more!
See the product here!

Finally, here's a card made with some of our 'The Vintage Collection' backing papers and our beautiful 'Owl be there!' stamp! We even used some of the hat pins that we've been saving for the perfect time! Also, if you can see in the background - we used 'Branch'! That is a must-have (I know, I say it about everything!) because you can use it on your Christmas cards, for a leaf behind a flower, to create backing papers - It's so versatile!
See the CD here!
See the Owl stamp here!
See 'Branch' here!

See you soon!


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Well, It's been a while!
Here are some recent cards made by us at Dreamees HQ!


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Good Morning,

Well, I am first of all so sorry for not updating this past week. I say it every time but it really has been absolutely mental here. I've been asked to design artwork for TWO magazines! They will be released sometime from December-January so be sure to look out for more details on that! The two magazines are 'Complete Cardmaking with your PC (Issue 34!) and Papercraft Essentials (Issue 76).

I am now (literally, as I write this!) in the process of testing all the new CD's that I just produced! They will be ready for release this weekend, along with our super-duper surprise! I will be announcing details of the surprise today in our newsletter so if you get those updates, look out! If you dont, you can register on our website, in the bar down the left hand side!

So, without further ado, here is a card made with Rain or Shine!
At the moment, we're in the process of making them but this is one that has been made so far!
I'll be posting more this week as we progress!!!

Hope you like it!

See you soon,


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Derby (25/09/11)

Good Morning!

I just thought I'd post some pictures of our stand at Derby, Moorways Centre! We had a great day even though it wasn't heaving and it definitely proved worth going!
As many of you know, I've been boasting about how we were going to change the stand around a bit and have a more interactive stand. This meant we were going to have lots of boxes with samples pinned to the back of them and the stamps in the box! It worked a treat and it was really a lovely set-up that we'll be sticking to for a while!
We're also going to change it a little more for Hull by added boxes with CDs in too so be sure to look out for us if you're visiting the Bonus Arena this weekend!
Right, without further ado, here is our stand! What do you think?

Isn't it beautiful?

Right, and to make this post a little crafty, here are some photos of cards/projects we've been making! I hope you like them!

Signing off!

See you soon,