Monday, 4 October 2010

Paper Flowers

I couldn't find the website I used to make these flowers so I decided to write up a tutorial of my own. I don't own the idea, template or fold. There is no copyright infringement intended and I give credit to whoever came up with this idea/fold.

 You will need:
5 squares of paper (I have used 3"x3")
OPTIONAL: something for the stem (I used a skewer on previous projects)


1) Have the pattern you want on the outside of the flower face DOWN. Fold in half diagonally.


2) Fold the bottom right point up to the point at the top of the triangle.

3) Repeat on the left side.

4) You should then have a shape like this (Two triangles with their longest sides together):

5) Fold out the right hand triangle so that side 1 lays on top of side 2.

6) You should end up with your paper looking like this:

7) Repeat on the left side.

8) You then need to pop open the triangles by placing your finger in the top and flattening.

9) Repeat on the left side.

10) It should end up looking like this:

11) Fold down the tops of the kite shapes you just made (Both sides)

12) Fold those parts in half again.

13) Glue together these sides:

14) Once set, press slightly onto the top of the petal to give it a more rounded shape.

15) Repeat for the other 4 squares (totalling 5 petals)

16) Glue together the sides like so:

17) You then have a flower!

18) If you are using a skewer then you can put some glue on the pointed end and push it gently through the middle of the flower to create a stem.

On this project I stuck flowers onto the sides of the skewers also to create a fuller ornament.

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