Saturday, 23 April 2011

I'm sorry I haven't updated recently!
I've been crazy busy with the new website and running the old one and designing and doing the discounts and sending emails and sorting orders and everything really! Haha, the list is endless.
As for this update, I'm going to show you the two cards we made in the classes that we ran this week. We made a card with the newest stamp, Rosie Puppy and a tag with the Vintage Pack.
Here they are:

This card, I don't know whether I've posted it! So, here goes! It was made for one of my friends' birthdays! Hope you like it. Again, using Rosie Puppy.

Finally, Here's the newest template! We named it the curved shutter. Visit the last page of the shop on our website to purchase it for just £2.00!



PS. Here is my puppy, which the stamp Rosie Puppy is based on.
She takes her teddy to bed (We call him nan-night Ted) and gets very impatient when I don't go up with her straight away!

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