Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A New Tutorial from our lovely Sue Hickey!

We asked Sue to write us a tutorial of how to get an image onto a candle - the ones that Sue makes are stunning! A special thank you to her for doing this for us, I'm sure you'll all appreciate it!
This is the sort of thing you could create:

Here's how you do it!:

You will need:
Image of you choice
Tissue paper
Plain paper
Heat Gun

1..                Print an image onto Tissue paper
2..                ( I stick tissue paper to a piece of A4 paper first just one end)
3..                Cut round the image as close as possible
4..                Lay image on candle place a piece of parchment paper all round the candle to hold image in place ( you can, I have been told, use wax paper but I've not tried it) make sure the parchment is long enough to go all round the candle so you have some to hold at back of candle( this helps to stop hands getting hot)
5..                Then heat the image carefully you will see when the image is ready (don't hold heat gun to   close to candle) and not to long in one place
6..                Remove parchment carefully and slowly
7..                One image on Candle - Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are selling your candles make sure to put 'For decorative purposes ONLY'

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