Friday, 17 May 2013

A flower tutorial...!

Hello again,

I'm doing well - Twice in one week!!

I've just put together our weekly newsletter which you can view online HERE and I decided to show you what we use our new flower stamp set for!

The stamp set is £3.00 and looks like this:

First Tutorial

Right, so firstly I tend to use three of the same size flower (these have been cut out leaving a white border and then distressed with Gathered Twigs distress ink - I've also stamped our Script stamp onto the petals.

Keep one flat, trim into the centre of one (between any two petals - not between all the petals) and then cut one petal out of the final one.

Gently curve the petals of the first flower downward to give some shape. On the second and third flower, overlap the two petals either side of the cut (whether it be a simple slit or a petal taken out) to create three layers pictured below:

Then, simply layer them up, left to right and you'll create a gorgeous flower like this

Obviously it could do with a button, pearl or brad in the centre to embellish.

Second Tutorial

My second favorite way to use these flowers is to create a poinsettia. I've cut out three of the flowers ( 2x largest & 1 x medium size flower) and cut them right to the black line.

I've coloured each of the flowers in red, except one of the largest I've coloured the tips of every other petal in green. I simply used promarkers.

Curve the petals downwards again and layer them up left to right, offset slightly.

Finally, add a gem in the centre!

PS. PLEASE EXCUSE MY CUTTING - it was done very quick and is shamefully bad haha!

Third Tutorial

This one is just a basic layering up of the three sizes - I've just cut them out with a white edge and distressed them slightly with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink:

Hope this inspires you to use our Flower stamps!!

Have a wonderful day,

Hayley xx

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