Sunday, 16 June 2013

GIMP Resizing tutorial


As promised, here's my as-simple-as-possible GIMP tutorial for resizing. I used this technique (though I used Coral Paint Shop Pro to resize) to create a triple sized heart box from our CD Rom Templates & More

Here's the original box:

And here's my large box (though it doesn't look the size it is!)

Ok, so if you haven't already got GIMP you can download it for free HERE - it's called an image manipulation program so the possibilities are endless. It's just a matter of playing around and seeing how things work!

Open the program and you'll get a screen the contains 3 boxes - if you press the maximize button (the middle button in the top right corner) of the largest box, your screen will look like this:

I'm going to use a simple square to resize - something to give you a rough idea of how to do it.
Open the file by going to 'File, Open' in the top left corner.

First of all, we want to resize this image. To do that, go to 'Image, Scale Image' in the top left corner and a box will pop up - enter the dimensions 3500 x 4951 (this is completely up to you, depending on how large you'd like the image to be). If, like me, you have a jam-packed memory on your computer, a box will pop up asking if you want to scale the image this large - click 'Scale' and the size will change.

Once resized, we're going to use the 'Cut' tool to remove the square onto a small document at it's larger size. The cut tool is 3rd along on the top row of tools - it looks like this:

Next, left click on the document and draw around the piece you'd like to remove - mine is a square:

Right click in the area that you've just drawn and click 'Edit, Copy'

This will copy the square - now we're going to create an A4 document to paste the enlarged image onto. To do this, go to 'File, New' and set the size to 2480 x 3508 (this is a 300dpi A4 sheet)

Once the new, blank document opens, right click anywhere on the sheet and click 'Edit, Paste' - this will paste the enlarged image in the centre of the sheet:

You can then print your resized image by going to 'File, Print' and a box will pop up allowing you to choose the printer.

PLEASE remember to enlarge all pieces of a template in order to keep it in proportion - to make the heart box big I changed the size of the lid and base, keeping them in proportion meaning they fit together perfectly, as the small version does.

Hope that makes sense and if there's anything else I can help with do let me know & I'll try my best!

Have fun playing!

Hayley xx

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