Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Our latest show...

Good Afternoon!

I'm sorry for the mass post here, but it's the most convenient way to share so many pictures at once!

We had such a fantastic show on Friday that I've only just got around to sorting out pictures of all the samples... most of which we didn't get time to show!

The first four were to showcase the Luxury Lace collection (which was super popular!)

Then here are some made with the extremely popular Forever Florals double CD which was on special offer - I hope you like them! (Some do mix & match with the stamp sets)

Then the following were with the Stamp bundle... you can still grab the single stamp sets online HERE

And finally, these were to showcase the glitter collections... you can pick up the Vibrant and Pastel online still!

Have a fab day!

Hayley x


  1. whoops i put the comment for these lovely samples on the lovely card underneath. The samples are wonderful and so was your show on friday
    Anne xx

  2. Love your products ,loved the show and I love the fact its a mum and daughter business and the cards are to die for .